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WirelessNetView free download for windows 7


WirelessNetView 1.68

Now Identify Suspicious WiFi Networks With WirelessNetView

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WirelessNetView 1.68

WirelessNetView Review:

 Whenever you switch on your WiFi card, it starts listing all the available broadcasting networks around you. But, did you ever care to think that some of them might be fake and waiting for you to get trapped? A lot of cyber criminals make use of public places that distribute WiFi openly, to trap people. They can steal away your credit card information, passwords and much more by simple tools and perhaps not more than just a mobile phone. WirelessNetView helps you to identify such fraudulent hubs by sending you much more information about them which can help you make an informed decision and whether to connect to that network or not.

 Requirements & Usage

 WirelessNetView is currently running 1.66 version and is available for Windows platform. It supports Windows releases since XP SP1, SP2 till Windows 7, 8. It will work well with wireless network adapter and wireless card driver that has inbuilt wireless support and is running on one of the above platforms. It does not have any fancy stuff and sports a very simple and rather old looking interface. You just click on the .exe executable file and it starts showing you all that is around you. It updates the list every 10 seconds. The information is divided into several columns. The columns have headers that lets you distinguish between various fields of information. There are a couple or more buttons at the toolbar which helps you perform simple tasks like "File", "Edit", "Help", "View" and "Options". 


 This is a simple and a small tool that displays various information about a wireless network like SSID, company, average strength, last signal strength, detection, authentication algorithm, MAC address, RSSI, frequency of the used channel and many more stuff which can help you better identify an authentic network. 


 You can translate WirelessNetView into your own language using a series of steps given on their official website. It has inbuilt lang file detector. There are simple command line functions which you can call to finish this process. Command line tools also help you to achieve many other tasks like saving the list of wireless networks displayed to you, save them in a csv file, a comma delimited file or a tabular file and many more by using simple command line options. 

 Thus, it makes this tool really simple, no weight on CPU and help you out with very crucial information.

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